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    Relationship Therapy

    Even stable relationships have highs and lows, but sometimes they can get strained, painfully stuck and negative patterns can develop. You may have just realised that things aren’t quite like they used to be, or you might already be in the grip of some serious difficulties. When a relationship starts losing intimacy or trust, your wellbeing can suffer tremendously. When the strength of a marriage, co-habitation or civil partnership begins to decline, deep insecurity and despair can set in. The help of a relationship counsellor can make all the difference to help you move towards a new phase in your relationship.

    If you are currently single, feeling lonely, you might wonder why you find intimacy so difficult and want to explore relationship patterns. Have you struggled with a number of failed relationships, which have affected your confidence, and instilled a fear of meeting new partners? Relationship counselling will help.

    Problems which effect relationships: