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    Our counsellors can work with you to make sense of long-standing patterns of thinking and behaviour, increase your understanding, and confront destructive patterns, working towards beneficial change. Psychotherapy can work on building a fuller or more appropriate way of living, which better expresses us individually in relation to the world.

    Many of the personal problems faced can arise in the context of our relationships and family background. Zest For Life offers sessions for couples, adolescents and families to help work through their difficulties and find more fulfilling ways of relating to each other. 

    Counselling or psychotherapy could be beneficial if you are familiar with any of the experiences outlined below or if you feel troubled in a way that is hard to describe.

    We provide both short term and long term counselling for adults, children and young people with:

    Our Therapies

    We have several services available for specialised therapies, from EMDR to Life Span integration.


    These events are called Traumatic events or experiences. Nearly everyone has traumatic experiences during their lives.


    When a relationship starts losing intimacy or trust, your wellbeing can suffer tremendously. 


    Addiction Counselling focuses on the issues of dependency and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, work, exercise, sex and relationships.

    Children & Adolescents

    Research shows that the mental health of children and young people can be affected by a number of factors including congenital, environmental and family.